Limerick PJ's Comfort

Breast Pumps

Limerick PJ’s Bliss™ Standard

The only 1-1/2 pound portable multi-user breast pump featuring Limerick PJ’s revolutionary patented technology for maximum comfort and safety!

Limerick PJ’s Patented Technology

  • Simulates your baby's natural nursing pattern. Other pumps may use a push-pull motion, while Limerick PJ's breast pumps are the only pumps to incorporate a more authentic compression and vacuum motion – truly replicating your baby’s innate suckling motion
  • Sof-Touch™ silicone cups provide remarkable comfort

Convenience and Quality

  • Compact and lightweight – only 1-1/2 pounds!
  • Hospital efficiency and durability
  • Multi-user closed system
  • State of the art microcontroller technology
  • Built-in timer to track elapsed time
  • Maintains consistent vacuum as bottles fill
  • Assembled in America

Important Safety Features

  • Prevents cross-contamination: A one-micron filter between the kit and pump prohibits bacteria, viruses and milk from entering the pump (documented in a study by Arbor Technology available on request)
  • Safe for multiple users
  • BPA-free and DEHP-free
  • Separate controls regulate vacuum (15-250 mmHg) and cycles (36-250 cycles/min.)
  • Exhaust filter
  • Heat sensor
  • Vacuum sensor
  • Warning lights indicate vacuum build-up or excess internal temperature

Included Accessories & Warranty

  • Black Cotton Tote – Carry it over the shoulder or use as a backpack!
  • Provides easy access to pump accessories
  • Removable Storage Cooler - Allows mother to leave pump at work or elsewhere and carry just the cooler home.
  • 3 ice packs and 2 extra storage containers for breast milk
  • PJ’s Sof-Touch™ kit
    • Sof-Touch™ silicone cups — one size fits all
    • Tubing with1-micron filter
    • Spare 1 - micron filter
    • 2 spare gaskets
    • 2 bottles
    • Cleaning brush
    • Bottle cap (used to store milk)
    • Clamp
  • Power supply cord Instructional booklet
  • Telephone and Skype support
  • Robust motor and valve features ample power for typical retail users
  • 1-year warranty on pump parts and labor (applies to original owner; non-transferable; additional / replacement parts sold separately)

Optional Accessories

  • Executive Tote with padded shoulder strap
  • Standard Tote - Can be worn over the shoulder or as a backback
  • Storage cooler
  • Removable cooler - Allows the mother to leave pump at work and carry just the cooler home
  • Easy access to pump accessories
  • 12 volt car adapter (lighter plug)
  • Rechargable Battery Pack
  • Battery holder - 10 AA batteries required (not included)
  • Hands-free pumping system
  • Additional / replacement parts sold separately